Consultant in Sport & Fashion management



The list of fashion brands that we helped to commercially develop:

Women-wear Collections:    

 - Vanity 

- Bandolera                                       

- Not The Same


Men's Collections:


- Jaguar Clothing       

- Pierre Cardin

- Van Gils           

- Ben Barton- New York                                        

- Questo  

- Frans Molenaar

- Obvious 

- Peter van Holland

Kids  Collections: 


- Rebble Pebble

- Artoni

- Hot Gossip

- Square Deal


Recommendations for Robbert Schmidt: (see also LinkedIn profile)

Naomi Jagers - Peercoach for Education & research at Rotterdam Academy

"Robbert has given lectures to our students, on the subject of international business, during our 'Entrepreneurship week of 2014', at the Rotterdam Academy. In these lectures, he touched the subjects of sustainability in the fashion industry and the importance of cultural know-how when working within an international business environment. He has shown our students the true art of working within different cultures and within a international business environment. It was truly great how Robbert took our students into a "story telling journey" through the intercultural landscape of international business. His lectures have definitely been an inspiring experience for the future entrepreneurs of the Rotterdam Academy. I hereby would like to thank him for his contribution to our succesfull event"

December 9, 2014.


Henk-Maarten Chin - Owner/ Director at CIC Group ( Sport* Fashion* Entertainment)

"Robbert is a skilful leader and a great teamplayer. His working methods are thorough and disciplined. I've come to know him as a chairman of one of the biggest tennis clubs in the Netherlands, where he was a pro-active chairman and charismatic team leader, still with a good eye for finances"

June 20, 2014


Reinout Dijkstra- CFO Ticketscript

"For years I have worked with Robbert on various committees and on the board of TV Tie Breakers, Amsterdam. Robbert has great commercial skills, knows how to bring people together and is a strong leader"

May 26, 2014


Bernd Heldens- Sales Manager Germany at www.brndwrks.eu

"Robbert is an absolute proffessional guy to work with. He is a great salesman, manager and colleague. I worked with him in various projects, during good and also bad times and it was everytime a Win-situation!"

June1, 2010


Cees Kramer - Owner, trainer and driver at Ironman Stables BV

"Robbert is a dedicated and loyal proffessional. Great personality combined with a tremendous experience in the field of textile industry and retail"

June 6 ,2010


Alwin Van Gils - Co-owner of The Makers

"Robbert startedhis career with Van Gils Interncontinental. During the years he became the export manager for the Scandinavian region. I remember Robbert as an enthusiastic, very friendly person, who got along very well with our customers. I wish him all best for his future."

Juli 1, 2010



Ben Van Gils - Co-Owner of The Makers

"Robbert is a person who brings in clients which you did not expect or which you wanted to have for already a long time. He is always giving his best effort and focuses on the result."

June 29, 2010


Harmen Rijks - CEO at Eurojobs.com ltd

"Robbert effeortesslymanaged the Scandinavian market for Van Gils in what was a very turbulet company at the time. Great Salesman and manager. Learned a lot about the fashion trade from him. Great Guy to work with!"

November 13, 2007


Should you wish to receive references of companies, Face4ward will be more than happy to provide these to you, should a cooperation be in sight.